Thursday, 6 January 2011


:: MODE: Travelogue around the world was activated ::

::Viewed from plane during dawn::
Arrived at Sydney International Airport 

::General view of Sydney::
Picture taken from Taronga Zoological Park

::Sydney Opera House::
A multi-venue performing arts centre
Situated on Bennelong Point in Sydney Harbour,close to the Sydney Harbour Bridge (pic below)

::Sydney Harbour Bridge::
The bridge is locally nicknamed " The Coat Hanger" because of its arch-based design

Where to go??

:: Darling Harbour::

::A bird and its free life::

:: Taronga Zoo::
"Am I taller than Sydney Tower?"
::Ferry-One of public transports  in Sydney::
Ferries are the most sublime form of public transport on Sydney Harbour.
Provides services to Manly, Taronga Zoo, Balmain, and other locations.
I went to Manly and Taronga Zoo using this ferry service:)
:: Sydney Fish Market::
A huge market incorporates a working fishing port, wholesale fish market, fresh seafood retail market, a bakery, a gift shop, a fruit and vegetable market, a florist, a beverage outlet, a seafood cooking school, indoor seating and an outdoor promenade for visitors.

:: A variety of delicious seafood!! at Sydney Fish Market::

This is where I stayed in
:: Malaysia Hall Sydney::


The Traveler said...

Bila pegi Sydney..berjalan sakan..kena nak further study kat Sydney lak....

nanti leh la link exchange ngan blog saya ye...

awak click je kat exchange link kat blog saya..

noormunirah_Aab said...

saje2 berjalan mengenal negeri orng..kenal budaya & pengamalan mereka...

insyaAllah, same2 kite saling memanfaatkan medan blog ini...nati sy 'link'kn blog sir =)

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